Beginner's Guide


Intro[edit | edit source]

Downloading the Game[edit | edit source]

GROWING STARS can be downloaded through Japanese App Store (iOS) or Japanese Google Play (Android). If you don't have access to a Japanese Google Play account, you can use QooApp.

Bandai Namco Account[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to create a Bandai Namco account before you start playing. This is used to bind your growing stars account and serves as a backup for your game data. Register here . You must select Asia and Japan as your Region and Country.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Upon starting up the game, you'll have to download some data. You go through a short prologue and trial of the rhythm game. You can then type in your Producer Name and an optional display name. After that, you will have to download more game data to continue.

Main Menu[edit | edit source]


This is the primary Home Screen. Here you can find:

  • News: New updates for the game
  • Missions: Daily and other missions you can do to earn rewards
  • Present Box: New items you gain are stored here. Remember to pick them up!
  • Panel Missions: Beginner missions you can do to earn Star Gems

You can also see:

  • ST: Stamina. Used during Lives and Work, you replenish 1 ST every 5 minutes
  • Star Gems: Premium currency of GS, used for Gacha and replenishing ST
  • Gacha: Scout in Gacha to gain new Photos (cards)
  • Growing: Upgrade specific Photos to increase their stats
  • Story: Read Main Story, Event Story, Idol Story, and Episode Zero
  • Work: Use ST to perform Work where you can gain rewards
  • Live: Play the rhythm section of the game


This is the Main Menu. Here you can find:

  • Unit: Customize your units for Lives
  • Idol Photo: View your individual Photos (cards)
  • Picture Studio: Take photos of the idols (unlocked at Producer Level 5)
  • Mobile: Talk to idols on LINK and the phone
  • Producer: View and edit your profile page
  • Coworkers: Add friends
  • Item: View your Items
  • Shop: Buy Star Gems, Items, and exchange Items for other Items
  • Idol: View individual Idols
  • Title: Return to title page
  • Help: Information on the game and mechanics
  • Support:
  • System: Bind your account to Bandai Namco ID, download data, clear cache
  • Settings: Adjust Live and general options
  • Home Settings: Set which idols and outfits appear on the home screen

Panel Missions[edit | edit source]

1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set
Complete free reroll 10-scout Friend Request another Producer Clear a song while using an Encore Star
Receive free SR idol from the "Pick an SR Idol" banner Set up your friend support lineup Clear a song using Auto-Live
Form a Live Unit Set your favorite idol on your Profile Complete all Daily Missions once
Clear 1 Song Set a Title on your Profile Clear DRIVE A LIVE on any difficulty once
Complete 1 Work job Set a birthday on your Profile Clear Beyond The Dream on any difficulty once
Change! any Idol Photo once Change your Profile's comment Reach Producer Level 5
Limit Break any Idol Photo once Customize your homepage Take a photo in the Picture Studio
Power up an idol Photo's Skill Clear Growing Smiles! on any difficulty once Backup game data through Bandai Namco ID
Read all of Chapter 1, Episode 1 of the Main Story Read all of Chapter 1, Episode 2 of the Main Story Read all of Chapter 1, Episode 3 of the Main Story

Pick a SR Idol Banner[edit | edit source]

When you first start the game, you can select one free SR idol of your choice! Simply click on the card you want and confirm using the button on the right. If you can't find the page, there should be a banner link on the home screen and main page.

Gacha[edit | edit source]

Gacha is one of the main ways of gaining cards in GROWING STARS. You can use the premium currency, Star Gems, to 'scout' for idol Photos that will be added to your collection. 1 scout is 250 Star Gems. 1 10-scout is 2500 Star Gems and will include at least one SR. There are both permanent and limited cards, which only appear for a set period of time.

Additionally, you can also scout idols using Platinum tickets, you can purchase it through paid star gems, earn it as a reward in participating an event or as a part of a campaign. There are two types of Platinum tickets, (1) 10-scout and (2) 1 scout ticket that expires at the same day you acquire it.

Sparking[edit | edit source]

After every scout you make, the Star Gems will become Memory Piece. If you accumulated 200 Memory Piece you can 'spark' or exchange the Memory Piece for an idol card you want from the available pool in the current banner.

You can also exchange Memory Piece for other items in the Memory Piece shop.

Free Reroll 10-Scout[edit | edit source]

When you first start the game, you can scout in a free reroll gacha. This gacha lets you repeatedly 10-scout in the permanent pool of cards for as many times as you'd like until you get the card you want.

Live[edit | edit source]

Live is the rhythm section of the game in which you can play various Songs. There are four difficulty sections: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert.


The Total Appeal value is consist of the combination of 'Card's Appeal' and 'Idol's Appeal'. You can access this information through viewing a card then click the 'i' at the right side. The Leader's Skill is the center card skill. While, you can gain more Producer's skills when you achieve certain level, you can also change (変更) your skill you want to use per live.

See Growing section for more information on how to increase idol stats.

Idol Stat.png

Making a Unit[edit | edit source]

You can manually make a unit by clicking an idol's frame or by randomly (おまかせ編成). You can also change an idol's costume (衣装) that will be used in the live.

Unit making.png

Vocal Setting[edit | edit source]

There are two types of songs you can play. One is a song that are sung by ALL idols of 315 production or the '315 ALLSTARS'. Second type is the song that are sung by each individual unit. You can only change the vocal setting on '315 ALLSTARS' songs. See Songs List.

The 'Organization idol' are idols from your live unit. While, '315 ALL STARS' are from all 49 idols. Lastly, 'Unit' is for the specific unit but you need to gain 500 fans (ファン数) for each member of the unit to unlock it.

Vocal Setting.png

Auto Live[edit | edit source]

The Auto Live will only unlock once you scored A rank or higher. You can still receive rewards even if you Auto Live.

Encore Stars[edit | edit source]

You can use an Encore Star before a live as a multiplier for live rewards and event points. You can't select an Encore Star if you don't have enough ST.

A x2 Encore Star requires 60 ST. While, x3 requires 90 ST and x5 requires 150 ST. The max Encore Star you can keep per multiplier is 10.

Stamina[edit | edit source]

You need 30 Stamina (ST) to perform a live. 1 ST will be replenished every 5 minutes. The maximum ST overflow you can have is 200. Additionally, you can also recover your stamina using 'Go Go Jelly'. See Item List.

Live Setting[edit | edit source]