Growing (育成, ikusei) allows Producers to increase their Idol Photo's power by Changing, Limit Breaking, or upgrading their Skill Level.

Overview[edit | edit source]

An Idol's Appeal Value is calculated from the Idol's base stats and an Idol Photo's stats. The Idol's base stats can be upgraded by raising an Idol's Level through Lives and Work, as well as Limit Breaking an Idol Photo. An Idol Photo's stats come from the Photo itself, and it can be upgraded by Limit Breaking and Changing the Photo.

Change![edit | edit source]

Changing an Idol Photo increases its appeal value and increases the Idol Photo's Max Skill Level from 5 to 10. In order to Change an Idol Photo, it must accumulate enough Change Points (チェンジpt) gained from Lives and enough materials (Badges, Rings, Anklets, Necklaces of Hope, and Bangle of Bonds) gained from Lives and Work.

Limit Break[edit | edit source]

By using Saikou Fragments (彩光の欠片, saikou no kakera), Idol Photos can undergo a maximum of four Limit Breaks. The number of Limit Breaks achieved will be displayed as a number in the bottom-right corner of the Idol Photo's icon. Idol Photo-specific Saikou Fragments can be obtained either through receiving Event rewards, rolling duplicate Idol Photos in Gacha, purchasing through the shop (N only), or the Memory Piece Exchange (R or greater rarities only).

Currently, Idol Photos gained from Events can only increase their Limit Break from their respective Saikou Fragments gained in that Event.

Skill Increase[edit | edit source]

See also: Skills and Center Effects

Idol Photos with a rarity of R or greater have a skill that can be activated during Lives. This skill level is capped out at Lv. 5 for un-Changed Idol Photos, while Changed Idol Photos have a skill level cap at Lv. 10. Skill Level can be upgraded with Lesson Notes gained from Lives, Work, and Events.

Each skill is activated at set random intervals and can affect stamina (Life), scoring, and note timing by a certain percent.

Skill Name Skill Effect While Active
Life Recovery PERFECT notes recover a small amount of Life.
Damage Guard Life does not decrease.
Score Up PERFECT/GREAT/GOOD notes score increase.
Judgement Ease GREAT/GOOD notes become PERFECT notes.
Combo Bonus Combo bonus score increase.