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Kazuki Tsukumo

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Self Introduction
...I've been living a life of secrecy up until now. Wanting to change myself, I became an idol. I want to convey my own thoughts by using my own words.
Character Data
Age: 19
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Birthday: October 13
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Camping, Reading
Skills: Recognizing edible mushrooms, Memorising any book after reading it once
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Libra
Hometown: Gifu
Ex-Job: Novelist
Attribute: Intelli
Seiyuu: Hiruma Shunya

...I'll do the best I can. Then I'll do even better.

Kazuki Tsukumo is one of the Idols available to produce in THE iDOLM@STER SideM GROWING STARS. He was a former novelist before forming the unit F-LAGS with Ryo Akizuki and Daigo Kabuto.

GROWING STARS Cards[edit | edit source]

Kazuki Tsukumo SSR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo SSR2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo SR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo SR2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo SR3 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo SR4 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo R1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo R2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo N I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ P SR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ P SR2 I.png

Kazuki Tsukumo+ SSR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ SSR2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ SR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ SR2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ SR3 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ SR4 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ R1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ R2 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ N I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ P SR1 I.pngKazuki Tsukumo+ P SR2 I.png

Story Episodes[edit | edit source]

Idol Episodes[edit | edit source]

Saisuta Subs (translated by Kelly)

Birthday Episodes[edit | edit source]

Saisuta Subs (translated by Kelly)

Event Episodes[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Time-based Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Homescreen (all times in JST)
6:00~10:59 ...Ah, it's you, Producer. I just brewed some coffee. Would you like some?
...How are you at waking up early in the morning, Producer? I'm... well, I think I don't need to say much more.
11:00~14:59 ...I heard that a store selling the type of food you make when camping has opened up. Would you like to visit with me later?
...I have some free time before work in the afternoon, so I think I'll read. When the time comes to start moving, please let me know.
16:00~18:59 ...When I look out at a sunset, I feel the beginning of a novel starting to come to me.
...I was just talking about trying to make dinners that appear in various books and comics. If you're free when we try that, please do come along.
19:00~23:59 ...I got so absorbed in reading this script that it's become dark seemingly out of nowhere. I should take a break. Would you like to join me?
...Are you still working? If there's anything I can help with, I'd like to help you. Just let me know.
All Day ...I need to put my all into this if I want to change myself. That's why I want to try my hand at any and all work you may find for me.
...I've been able to experience many new things as an idol. I think this job is my life's calling.
...What am I reading right now? This is related to my next job. I saw it in the bookstore and couldn't help but pick it up.
...I get quite happy when I see rare mushrooms while camping or trekking.
...Did you call for me, Producer? ...Never mind, I must have been imagining things.

Other Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Live Dialogue
Live Start (SR and below) ...Mm. Let's go.
Normal Special Appeal (SR and below) ...Let's turn up the heat.
Unit Special Appeal (SR and below) ...Ryo, Daigo. Are you ready?
Solo Special Appeal ...I'll convey my own feelings.
Unit Special Appeal Reply Alright, let's go.
Skill Activation (SR and below) ...I'll do my utmost.
Live Result
S ...That was a good live with a good sense of unity.
A ...Instead of being satisfied with this, I'll aim even higher.
C ...Let's put on an even better live next time.
Full Combo ...That was a wonderful live.
Picture Studio
How does this look?
Ah, I see.
This pose, then?
Let's try that.
Skill Level MAX ...I'm glad.