Kazuki Tsukumo/R1

GROWING STARS】Kazuki Tsukumo

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…Ryo and Daigo are both amazing. They believe in themselves, and plunge forward with all their might. They give me courage. I want to be able to convey my thoughts and wishes truthfully as well. …I’ll do my best.

…These outfits are appropriate for the three of us, taking our first steps as we set sail into the world of idoldom. Thank you for the wonderful costume, Producer. I’ll show my gratitude through my work, so please watch me.

Appeal Value

4851 Life


1293 Dance

1293 Visual

Center Effect Intelli Style
Increases Intelli Idols' Visual Appeal by 20%
Skill (Lv.10) Judgement Ease
Every 7 seconds, there is a 28% chance that for 4 seconds, GREAT notes become PERFECT notes.
Obtainable from Permanent Gacha

Lines[edit | edit source]

Card Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Home …Choosing between going camping or reading at a cafe on my next day off is causing me some difficulty.
Home (Post-Change!) …I feel as though I’m being encouraged to move on forwards when wearing this outfit.
Scout / Change! …I’m glad that I was able to make it this far.
Unit Formation …I’m looking forward to the live beginning.
…Please enjoy it.
…If I’m doing this, I’m going to make it a success.