Kazuki Tsukumo/R2

Illuminated by Waves of Light】Kazuki Tsukumo

R R+

Kazuki Tsukumo R2 F.png

Kazuki Tsukumo R2.png

Kazuki Tsukumo+ R2 F.png

Kazuki Tsukumo+ R2.png
Kazuki Tsukumo+ R2 Cut In.png

…I want to give back to those who’ve been supporting me. I’ll put that emotion into my singing. …I’ll sing with all my might, and convey my feelings of gratitude to my fans.

…Thank you for always supporting me. Your smiles and cheers are always encouraging me. …I’m very grateful. I’ll make this the greatest Thanksgiving Festival it can be, so please look forward to it.

Appeal Value

4920 Life


1312 Dance

1312 Visual

Center Effect Intelli Step
Increases Intelli Idols' Dance Appeal by 20%
Skill (Lv.10) Damage Guard
Every 8 seconds, there is a 40% chance that for 4 seconds, Life doesn't decrease
Obtainable from Permanent Gacha

Lines[edit | edit source]

Card Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Home …I’m learning a lot from everyone’s different ways of doing fanservice. …I’ll ask them for tips sometime.
Home (Post-Change!) …I feel deeply moved whenever I remember the crowd’s cheers. It truly was the best Festival.
Scout / Change! …I want to continue to convey my feelings towards my fans.
Unit Formation …Let’s concentrate.
…Let’s make it a good time.
…I’m going to convey my gratitude.