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A Story of Hope】Kazuki Tsukumo


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...Today's preparatory briefing session was something that Ryo, as someone with experience in the idol industry, was able to suggest. You've been giving us a lot of support and advice as well. Thank you for that, you've been a lot of help. ...We'll do our best so that we can compare to Ryo one day.

...The cheers directed at us shook my very heart. ...It was a lot of fun. Thank you for always supporting us, Producer.

Appeal Value

5745 Life


1532 Dance

1532 Visual

Center Effect Intelli Style
Increases Intelli Idols' Visual Appeal by 60%
Skill (Lv.10) Damage Guard
Every 9 seconds, there is a 49% chance that for 5 seconds, Life doesn't decrease
Obtainable from Permanent Gacha

Lines[edit | edit source]

Card Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Home ...There's lots I can learn from Ryo. I got a lot of advice from him the other day during our lesson.
...Please look forward to our live, Producer.
Home (Post-Change!) ...I was thinking this earlier at the live, but... I'm very glad that I was put into a unit with Ryo and Daigo.
Scout / Change! ...No matter how many times I say thank you, it won't be enough.
Unit Formation ...I'll be sure to make this a success.
...I'll make this the best performance it can be.
...I'm looking forward to the live as well.

LINK[edit | edit source]

Text Message[edit | edit source]

After Change!
Kazuki Ryo and Daigo are amazing, aren't they?
Kazuki I spent a lot of time with them leading up to the live,

and ended up thinking that more and more.

Kazuki Ryo always meets idol work with full sincere earnestness.
Kazuki Daigo makes sure to enjoy himself no matter what.
Kazuki With those two around, I can't help but feel encouraged

to do my best too.

Kazuki This may not be something I say to you again.
Kazuki But I wanted to convey it in words, just once.
Producer A: I'm glad I got to hear

your thoughts. Please feel

free to talk to me about


B: Thank you. I was able to

understand how you're


Kazuki Thank you, Producer.
Kazuki Please continue to look after me.