Kazuki Tsukumo/SR2

A Mask of Lies and Truth】Kazuki Tsukumo


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...Choosing your own personality... I've been wearing a mask for so long that I can't choose that quite yet. The border line between where the 'real' me starts and the 'fake' me ends... seems to be blurry.

"A mysterious mansion in which people wearing masks are gathered... Very well then, brother, let us delve into this mystery. The two of us should be able to uncover the truth. Let's hurry. The feast has already begun."

Appeal Value

5469 Life


1458 Dance

1458 Visual

Center Effect Intelli Style
Increases Intelli Idols' Visual Appeal by 60%
Skill (Lv.10) Damage Guard
Every 10 seconds, there is a 49% chance that for 5 seconds, Life doesn't decrease
Obtainable from 315 Carnival (November 2021) Event Reward

Lines[edit | edit source]

Card Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Home ...I wonder what kind of masks Ryo and Daigo would pick. Just thinking about it is fun.
…I’ve learned the basics of ballroom dancing. I’ll keep the elegance of the waltz in mind while continuing our practice next time.
Home (Post-Change!) …When I wear fine clothes like these, I feel as though I instinctively stand straighter.
Scout / Change! …Let the masquerade ball commence.
Unit Formation …I’ll be sure to make this a success.
…I want to live up to expectations.
…I’ll endeavour to produce a good result.