Kazuki Tsukumo/SSR1

Indecisive Marché】Kazuki Tsukumo


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...I wonder if any of these apple pies would be to your liking.

...This looks tasty. And that one looks cute. ...Hm? They're selling other things like tea and scent bags here as well, not just apple pies... I can't choose which to buy as souvenirs for everyone at the office. ...I've decided. I'll buy them all.

...Combining apple pie and idols into a live collaboration is pretty unusual, but I hope everyone enjoyed it. ...The way you make apple pie, as well as its overall flavor, depends greatly on the variation of apple. ...If there's a variety you haven't tried yet, I hope you try it.

Appeal Value

6477 Life


1727 Dance

1727 Visual

Center Effect Intelli Style
Increases Intelli Idols' Visual Appeal by 90%
Skill (Lv.10) Judgement Ease
Every 11 seconds, there is a 45% chance that for 6 seconds, GREAT/GOOD/FAST/SLOW notes become PERFECT notes.
Obtainable from Permanent Gacha

Lines[edit | edit source]

Card Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Home ...I'd like you to accept this. It's an apple pie I bought just for you.
...The scent of apples has a relaxing effect, so it may be useful on sleepless nights.
...Pie is a dessert that dates back to the Ancient Greeks, who adored it. I think it's interesting that each country has their own different recipes for it.
Home (Post-Change!) ...Crispy pastry mixed with the sweet and sour taste of apple... I'm making myself want to eat it again by thinking about it.
Scout / Change! ...I wonder if any of these apple pies were to your liking.
Unit Formation Let's make this the best live
I'll be sure to make this live a success
I'll do my best to live up to expectations
Live Start I'll make this a moment to remember
Special Appeal (Normal) If it's us, we can do this.
Special Appeal (Unit) Let's show everyone the best time we can.
Skill Activation Please dig into this sweet and delicious apple pie

Outfit[edit | edit source]

Lively Feeling
Regular Another

Kazuki Tsukumo SSR1 costume.png

Kazuki Tsukumo SSR1 live costume.png

Kazuki Tsukumo SSR1 another live costume.png

The aroma of apple pie wafting down from the bustling downtown. Each variation has its own unique taste and aroma. With just a single bite, a smile blooms on people's faces. Now then, please tuck in to this freshly baked pie.