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Main Story


Follows the main plot as the idols of 315 Productions aim for TIF (Tokyo Idol Festival).

Part One: A Step Taken Forward, Aiming for the Sparkling Stage[edit | edit source]

  • Prologue: Curtains Rise on a Brand New Dream
    • The Producer watches the state of the venue right before the concert begins. The stage and equipment are more grand than anything ever produced before, and the fans’ excitement is reaching peak levels. As the Producer thinks back on the days they spent with the idols, someone calls out to them…
  • Chapter 1: Alongside Three New Sparkles!
    • 315 Productions has finally begun its activities! The Producer rouses themselves to help their affiliated idols shine as brightly as possible. Meanwhile, they meet a boy named Amamine Shuu, who has talent that could only be considered as belonging to a genius. It seems he’s one of the city’s “famous student council presidents”……
  • Chapter 2: Their First Job
    • As a result of the Producer’s earnest promotion, a job offer finally arrives for C.FIRST. Shuu, Momohito, and Eishin challenge the job with everything they have, to help revive an old toy store.
  • Chapter 3: Be Honest With What You Love!
    • Hayato passionately talks about his favorite band at a concert and performs their main number. The video is uploaded to the newly-created 315Pro official channel, and it slowly gains traction. Eventually, it reaches the eyes of someone completely unexpected…
  • Chapter 4: As I am Now, As We are Now
    • Legenders has signed up for an audition to appear on the TV program “Cleaning Solution Squadron.” However, after receiving lacking results, the three of them once more realize the charm that their unit has to offer……
  • Chapter 5: Trinity Attack!!!
    • Thanks to Legenders’ livestream from the other day, 315 Productions has started taking larger strides. Meanwhile, an offer for an event has arrived for THE Kogadou. What’s the true identity of the sponsor who’s taken an interest in their past jobs as martial artists?
  • Chapter 6: letter from Cafe Parade
    • Café Parade has received their first fan letters. With all five of them wanting to return their feelings of gratitude to the fans, after becoming emotional from the letters, they ask Producer about something. Then comes a suggestion to hold a party to give back their thanks…
      • [感謝祭 (kanshasai) is a type of event literally translated to Thanks Giving Festival, which you might also know from Shinymas as one of the event modes. Unfortunately, this name also coincides with the name of an American holiday (plus, a shoddy one at that) and in order to avoid mix-ups, I opt to make it a “giving back festival” or other variations. Just know that it’s an event held to thank fans for their support and continued enthusiasm.]
  • Chapter 7: The Three of Us Together, Hip-Hip-Hooray!
    • Beit had been researching their rivals in preparation for JIF. They visit a CD shop and see a certain “sight” while there. With that incident happening, a new job then arrives for Beit, but……
  • Chapter 8: What We’re Capable of Now is Not Giving Up
    • The three members of F-LAGS have been set to perform on a singing program. However, that program is on the verge of being discontinued, with the mood of the location at an all-time low.
      As a result, the three of them think up ways to make everyone smile again and make the program a success.
  • Chapter 9: Men Who Flare Up, Passionately and Coolly
    • The day before JIF’s performance. Shinsoku Ikkon, who have entered the venue, are unsettled by the unfamiliar large venue and atmosphere. However, they begin to regain their usual pace as they proceed through rehearsal. Strengthening their resolution to absolutely astound the audience, they prepare for tomorrow’s stage.
  • Chapter 10: Stars That Illuminate the Past and Future
    • The idols of 315 Productions are faced with the JIF performance just moments ahead. While anxious and excited still, they do their final checks over their dancing and costumes.
      Only a bit of time left before the start.
      All of them talk about their feelings.

Part Two: A Challenge Letter Slammed Down! The Path to Top Idol[edit | edit source]

  • Prologue: Black Shadow
  • Chapter 1: Activation, "The Height of Manliness! Idol League"
  • Chapter 2: Aim for the Hottest Jupiter Guy!
  • Chapter 3: VICTORY for Hope