Template Code[edit source]


Notes and Instructions[edit source]

  • Add the template to idol pages, the template will automatically search for which cards the idol already has (based on whether or not the card icon is uploaded to the wiki) and add their icon + a link to the card page
    • Card icons are generally the first things to get uploaded to the wiki so this is the best way of seeing whether or not a card (eg Teru SR5) exists
  • Ifexist can search for up to 500 items per page, so this will (hopefully) work up until you get to 250 cards per idol, so.. hopefully it'll work for a while lol?
  • Currently searches for 2x SSR, 10x SR, 10x R, 1x N and 2x P SR, will update as more cards come out
  • When updating the number of cards it searches for, leave no white space/gaps as this messes with the formatting post-tabber update

Examples[edit source]