Template Code[edit source]

| eno=
| start=
| end=
| e1=
| t1=
| cn1=
| e2=
| t2=
| cn2=
| e3=
| t3=
| cn3=
| event-p=
| event-n=

Notes and Instructions[edit source]

EasyCarnivalPage makes an entire event page quicker than manually filling it out.

  • Original code taken from SaisutaEventInfo
  • e1 = idol 1's name (eg Michiru Enjoji), this is the high SR reward (40x 315 Stickers)
  • e2 = idol 2's name (eg Sora Kitamura), this is the low SR reward (35x 315 Stickers)
  • e3 = idol 3's name (eg Kuro Kiyosumi), this is the R reward
  • t(number) = idol (number)'s card title, eg cn1 in this instance is Repaying with Double the Spirit!. Combined with e3, this will output as [Repaying with Double the Spirit!] Michiru Enjoji. In this example using March 2022's carnival, t2 would be Sora's card title, while t3 would be Kuro's card title.
  • cn(number) = the number card that idol (number)'s card is. In this instance, Repaying with Double the Spirit! Michiru is his 2nd SR (SR2), so simply input 2.
  • Be sure to use title case for idol names.

Output Examples[edit source]

#016: EasyCarnivalPage
315 Carnival-logo.png [Carnival] 03/11/22 – 03/15/22
Event Idols
Michiru Enjoji-icon.png Sora Kitamura-icon.png Kuro Kiyosumi-icon.png
Event Banner

Cards[edit source]

Icon/Icon+ Title How to Acquire
Michiru Enjoji SR2 I.pngMichiru Enjoji+ SR2 I.png [Repaying with Double the Spirit!] Michiru Enjoji 315 Stickers ×40
Sora Kitamura SR2 I.pngSora Kitamura+ SR2 I.png [Without Mincing Words] Sora Kitamura 315 Stickers ×35
Kuro Kiyosumi R2 I.pngKuro Kiyosumi+ R2 I.png [Color of Devotion] Kuro Kiyosumi 315 Stickers ×15

Daily Missions[edit source]

Daily Missions Reward
Collect 5 315 Stickers Star Gem ×30
Collect 50 Passion Stickers Go Go Jelly SP ×2
Clear Live 4 times Encore Star V ×1
Complete Work 4 times 2000 Money