Template Code[edit source]

| unit=
| tagline=
| unit-intro=
| colour=
| font-colour=
| idol1=
| idol2=
| idol3=

Notes and Instructions[edit source]

  • for 3 member units only. to cut down on the number of if statements needed and headaches caused i'll probably make separate 5 and 2 member unit versions of the template. if statements haaaaate having tables inside of them so it'll be quicker to just have separate versions
  • tagline can be found on main wiki
  • unit intro JP plain text can be found on JP wiki unit page. include <br> where necessary to add line breaks for emphasis
  • colour (used for the block colour headers) up to user's discretion - eg the blue colour that features on F-LAGS' logo works with white text. Some units' bg colours may need to be adjusted for readability. list a hex code including # or a word eg 'white'
  • font colour to contrast against bg colour. list a hex code including # or a word eg 'white'
  • idols listed in appearance order, left to right
  • upload the unit info graphic (found in group section of the drive folder) and Ns of each idol for the 'original' profile section

Output examples[edit source]

On a journey to revolutionize our new selves! BON VOYAGE!
F-LAGS unit intro.png
A unit formed of the bright and forward-facing Ryo, Daigo who always wears a dazzling smile, and the calm and gentle Kazuki. In order to meet their new selves and spread smiles to all they meet, these three gather under the flag of their departure and shine on stage.

The whistle of the departing ship is ringing out! Now then, let's go onwards to this unknown journey!
Kazuki Tsukumo+ R1 F.png
Kazuki Tsukumo
Ryo Akizuki+ R1 F.png
Ryo Akizuki
Daigo Kabuto+ R1 F.png
Daigo Kabuto

What connects them is a song that engraves the moment in the present!
Legenders unit intro.png
The unit pushed forwards by the thoughts and feelings of those who elected them to form a unit together. Each member is highly different, making their meeting akin to separate rivers conjoining to become an ocean.

With a profound sense like that of the past, and a polish like that of the future, they set out to engrave a new history on the stage.
Amehiko Kuzunoha+ R1 F.png
Amehiko Kuzunoha
Sora Kitamura+ R1 F.png
Sora Kitamura
Chris Koron+ R1 F.png
Chris Koron