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Template Code[edit source]

| gno=
| gtitle=
| start=
| end=
| g1=
| cn1=
| g2=
| cn2=
| g3=
| cn3=

Output Examples[edit source]

|[[File:G-069.png|300px|link=]]<br>GROWING FES -Example Fes-
|06/09/42 – 20/04/69
|[[File:Sora Kitamura+ SSR1 I.png|80x80px|link=Sora Kitamura/SSR1]][[File:Kazuki Tsukumo+ SSR1 I.png|80x80px|link=Kazuki Tsukumo/SSR1]][[File:Kuro Kiyosumi+ SSR1 I.png|80x80px|link=Kuro Kiyosumi/SSR1]]

Explanation[edit source]

Proof of concept to make wiki updates possibly quicker by just typing the values you'd normally need to type twice once and having the template add the code for you. All you'd need to do with this is put the template on your sandbox, edit the values, then copy paste the outputted code to the gacha list. Obviously FES is the least useful example here, but it's the simplest so I used it to make a proof of concept.

  • gno = gacha number (three digits)
  • gtitle = gacha title
  • start / end = start/end dates
  • g1 = 1st gacha idol
  • cn1 = which number card is this for that idol (eg their ssr3? just enter 3)
  • g2 = 2nd gacha idol, and so on